These are for you, the human!
A range of workshops with a central theme - being in balance with yourself and the natural world. They are designed as a treat. Learning in involved but is not intense - it is more immersive.
Some workshops involve horses (but none involve riding), and some involve other carefully thought out ways to reconnect with yourself and and connect with the earth. 


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We sometimes forget that we too live in a 'herd'. We have also buried our natural sixth sense and intuition under layers of life - we still have it, we have just forgotten how to use it. This missing link in our everyday life can be restored to help life to run more smoothly and harmoniously.


This workshop explores the way that horses live in a herd, the energy they are attuned to and instinctively use every single moment and the way they live together in a peaceful and largely conflict-free way. It explores how they live in the moment, express themselves honestly and let things go. We can learn from this - it can be applied to our own lives to help us live harmoniously with each other and our animals and be in tune with nature.


We will be spending time with the Athena Herd - a herd of ten horses who live a natural life at a learning centre in Kent. The day will begin with a relaxing meditation to shed our everyday cares and prepare us for a day of being alive to the energy of horses and nature. During the day each participant will also receive an energy healing treatment to rebalance and realign them in mind, body and spirit.

Benefits of the day include:

  • Rebalancing and grounding of mind, body and soul.

  • A greater connection to nature and understanding of energy: how animals use it and how we can increase our sensitivity to it

  • Useable knowledge of how horses live harmoniously and time to think about how this knowledge can help in all aspects of life - home, work, socially, etc.

  •  A Reiki (energy healing) treatment


Location: Athena Herd, Paddock Wood, Kent.

Price £70

Participants limited to 5 per workshop.

Tea/Coffee/Herbal teas and a vegetarian lunch with be provided.