"Kate's natural ability as a Reiki Practitioner and healer is complemented and strengthened by her sensitivity, empathy, intuition and extensive equine experience. With an ability to connect and empathise with humans and horses alike, she is able to not only give deeply relaxing and restorative Reiki healing to horses but also help with the horse-human relationship. I wholeheartedly recommend Kate."
Emma Simmons, Equine Reiki Master Teacher

Kate has an amazing gift and she was kind enough to share that gift with my horse Edina and I. Edina had suffered quite a serious injury at the beginning of the year which had resulted in her being out of work for months and developing ulcers due to the injury, stress and change in work routine. She was not in a good place when Kate came to see her. Having had Edina being treated by vets, physios and chiropractors with little impact or change, I was feeling a little lost in terms of where to turn. Then Kate arrived at the yard and I was astonished to see the reaction Kate got from Edina during her treatments. Edina was incredibly open to the treatment and I noticed a huge difference in her in the days following, more so than any other form of treatment she had in the past. Kate helped me to understand some of the challenges Edina was facing and in turn enabled me to make some big decisions about her management, which has resulted in a huge amount of positive change for Edina and I. I am now back riding Edina, we still have some way to go to get over the events of the past year, but I honestly didn't think we would ever be here. I cannot thank Kate enough for helping us both and i cannot recommend Kate more highly in helping horses both in body and mind. 

Allison Leighton, West Sussex


"I have felt that Derry has been more connected to me, it's as if you have opened up a doorway and he has just paid more attention to me, i.e. walking over to me, looking at me, just generally as if he knows I'm his person... definitely seems more attached, more of a bond... I would also say he seems calmer."

Lynn Hammond, Essex


"I really think it's been the making of us again. She really is like a totally different horse. So much happier, affectionate and confident whilst out hacking. I cannot thank you enough! Without your help I really don't think I'd have my horse back. Cal's improvement in turn has boosted me and her thrill for life again is infectious!"

Kelly Cradduck, Surrey

"My mare Clover had several Reiki sessions with Kate over the summer to help support her immune system. Given that she was new to Reiki I had no idea how she may react; or indeed whether there would be any visible reaction. However, both Kate and I were amazed at just how readily she connected with the energy and entered a state of deep relaxation. It was incredible to see and hugely inspiring and there was no doubt that Clover enjoyed the sessions! Kate is professional, caring and empathetic - always putting the needs of the horse first. I would highly recommend Kate's Reiki sessions to anyone who may be considering a treatment for their equine friend."
Mary Emery, Surrey

"Kate came to see Milo a few weeks ago as he can be very spooky and I wondered if some Reiki would help him. He soon relaxed into the treatment and thoroughly enjoyed his session. He was yawning and chewing and just thoroughly chilled out. He had a second session a few weeks later and seemed to know what to do straight away and just chilled himself out. Many thanks Kate."
Kim Atkinson, Kent

"After Doodle moved into his new yard it was very important to understand him as much as possible. After an initial "settling in" period the next thought was to ask Kate to perform a series of Reiki sessions on Doodle to help us fully understand him. The feedback we received from Kate after each session was enlightening and has heavily influenced how we have worked with Doodle to continue his development into a more established horse.
Since the sessions, Doodle has been more focused in his work whilst in the school and is willing to try new schooling moves. We have noticed more consistency in his stable personality, he is relaxed, more confident and happy. In short, he seems more content in himself and with us."

Rachel & Marc Edmondson, Kent

"Ralph has always struggled to use his topline through to his hindquarters properly and support himself with his abdominal muscles. Now that he is competing at Advanced Medium dressage he really benefits from his massages every couple of weeks: Kate keeps his muscles free from spasms where they are likely to build up and keeps his muscle tone healthy, which helps to keep him supple and more comfortable in training and competition, and using his body properly. He really enjoys his massages too!"
Olivia Kelly, Surrey

"My mare, Cassie, is a highly-strung horse whose past history has made her easily upset and defensive. She is very talented and essentially a kind horse who tries very hard to please, so when Kate offered to treat her with Reiki I thought that it might at least be something that she would enjoy and would give her some relaxation. Cassie has now had several treatments with Kate and with each one she has become more open. The gradual release of tension, and mental and emotional blockages, has made her much softer and more relaxed physically, which has improved her performance and general way of going. It has also changed her behaviour in the yard and stable - she is much less defensive and less worried about other horses."
Judith Smith, Surrey

"Oppy has always been bit of a puzzle. She was very closed off to people and horses when we got her and while she became much better with people she still had many issues. She was very lop-sided and wouldn’t tolerate anyone doing anything on the left side of her, including tacking up. She was also very difficult in the mouth and generally stressed and nervy. Since Kate has started treating her, her body has equalised and she allows us to tack up, wash her and do anything else we need to on the left side as well as on the right. She is also much softer in the mouth whilst being ridden and willing to accept the bit. She can cope better with her seasons and we are able to carry on riding her, whereas before she would go on strike. Kate’s Reiki treatments have made a big difference to Oppy."
Allison Clarke, Surrey