Any animal can benefit from Reiki - no matter how large or how small, whether a domestic, farm or zoo animal, they all have the same emotional and physical needs that can be helped. 


£30 per session.

£65 for half-day session

Animals have had to fit into our human lives which is often not the way they would choose to live, no matter how well we look after them. They adapt to living side-by-side with us but their species-specific instincts are very strong and they still have deep needs that cause stress if they are not met. Add this to the stress of new animals/babies in the household, moving house or illness or bereavement for themselves or their human family and it may all be too much for the animal which can lead to behavioural or health issues.

Where other therapies are sometimes not possible, if the animal cannot be touched, for example, or has has his or her trust in humans broken, Reiki can be used as it doesn't require touch and has the additional benefit of helping the animal to trust humans again whilst healing and clearing.

Reiki can help with these issues and give your pet a feeling of contentment and calm as well and helping to heal any physical, emotional or psychological issues that may have arisen.  Animals love working with the gentle but powerful energy of Reiki - they are much more in tune with the energy and rhythms of the earth than we are and tend not to resist the energy but find it comforting and accept it gratefully. They will often move their bodies to the area that they instinctively know needs the energy most. As they are so open to the energy the benefits are often very noticeable.


  • It promotes deep relaxation and feeling of calm

  • It relieves stress and anxiety, which has a beneficial effect on the physical body

  • It releases negative emotions and traumas that haven’t been resolved

  • It clears the body of toxins

  • It restores the body's natural self-healing ability

  • It can accelerate healing and help post-operative recovery (can also help to keep a horse on box rest, or animal on cage rest, calm and contented)

  • It can aid healing of many ailments, diseases and injuries

  • It can aid absorption and healing after a remedial treatment (such as chiropractic or physiotherapy) 

  • It can help with bereavement and loss

  • It can help at times of difficulty and change, e.g. moving house, a new baby/animal in the family

  • It can also help with the human and animal relationship​​

  • It releases emotions and worries that cannot be voiced

You can also book a half day consultation and Reiki treatment each for you and your animal. 

A small travel fee may apply, depending on distance.
Please note that Reiki is a complementary therapy and not intended to replace veterinary treatment or advice.
If your animal is currently under veterinary care permission will need to be obtained prior to a Reiki treatment in order to comply with the Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1966 (this is usually via a phone call to your vet).