Just BE with your horse...

Being with your horse without expectation is a very relaxing experience and becomes more deeply relaxing the more you do it. Your horse learns that you are not asking something of him or her every time you go to see them - it's therapy really, for both of you. You will find that your horse looks forward to seeing you and enjoys being with you because you are valuing their company and enjoying them for their sake - not for what they can do for you. When you think about it, most of the time when we are with horses we are asking something of them that is unnatural - so how refreshing for them that their companionship and personality is being valued rather than their flashy paces or scopey jump. Don't think about training them or their manners - free your mind: no rules or restraint. It can be nice to give them a groom, if they enjoy that, as that can be very bonding - it's what their herd-mate would do to them in the wild - but don't make that the reason you go to see them.

Since I began doing this with my horse it's her favourite thing that we do - she is really happy whilst I'm sitting next to her while she grazes or eats hay, standing next to her sharing space and energy or going for a relaxed saunter with her around the track (totally on her terms - no headcollar), just noticing the little things that are going on around us - the birds singing, the leaves coming in to bud, what the resident pig is up to! When she was stabled I would go in and just be with her while she dozed or ate her hay and the atmosphere in her stable would be very beautiful and peaceful. It doesn't sound like much but is truly enriching. It's also very bonding and builds trust.

Relaxing in each others space and sharing the energy, opening your heart, just breathing with them and letting go of everything else you could experience the type of healing that horses are now respected for giving in many areas of human life, which comes under the umbrella title of Equine Assisted Therapy/Learning. Horses are very spiritual creatures who sense and have knowledge of the energies and workings of the universe far more than we do. They know exactly how we are feeling and, often, where we hurt and what affects us environmentally and socially.

Horses are endlessly generous in heart and spirit and we can share such a close bond with our horses. Often this happens without us even realising - there have been scientific studies which show that horses and owners adapt their behaviour to fit each other. Horses and their owners can share a heart-to-heart connection and female owners have even been known to have synced their hormonal cycles with their mares! The horses heart rate is slower than ours and the heart connection we make with them helps us to slow down ourselves and relax, thus opening up the space for true connection if we open our minds as well. By just BEing with your horse you will benefit them too: as you grow to know him or her in a deeper, more instinctive way and tune in to them you will get some idea of how happy they are doing their 'job' and living the way that you are keeping them and will pick up on their subtle signals and telepathic communication. If you respond and make the changes you can to make life better for your horse he or she will know and be grateful for this and the trust between you will grow. It's also pretty much guaranteed that in this time together you will notice something about your horse that you hadn't before, whether physically or in his or her character. There is nothing 'out there' or alternative about doing this - it is just a very natural way to be with your horse and is what they do with each other. Sometimes the simplest things we do can be the most meaningful and profound - the important thing is to keep an open mind, listen to your horse, go with your gut instinct and enjoy!

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