1:1 Connection Program

The five part 1:1 Connection Program is for you and your horse. It is for everyone who thinks that there must be a better way of connecting with their horse: anyone who loves their horse but is frustrated by the seeming lack of real connection and response. It doesn't matter what sort of life you and your horse share, whether it's non-ridden, hacking, competing, whether your horse lives in a stable or in a herd: the opportunity to connect is what your horse would like you to embrace.

Imagine what it must feel like to know that your horse sees you as one of his or her herd!

Your horse mirrors you, so your health and happiness are important to his or hers - something we tend to overlook as we try different ways to help our horses. They may be actually trying to help us by showing us what they see in us! So working with both of you, rather than just with your horse is essential for success.

I have seen the best results, when healing with Reiki, when horses and their owners are both involved in the healing and clearing process together. Taking this further and helping owners connect with their horse and enabling a deep understanding and a more equal partnership between them, something they could take forward and build on themselves, was the idea that the 1:1 Connection Program sprang from. 

Energy is incredibly important for horses and is the starting point for building a strong relationship with them. It starts with you - awareness of your energy, your horse’s energy and how they affect each other is the first step on a really fulfilling and beautiful journey.  The 1:1 sessions begin there and, through a five part program, build trust, connection and harmony that you can take forward and build upon yourself with mindful awareness.

There are no rules, other than the ones that humans make. All the equipment, traditions, competitiveness, etc. is the doing of humans, not horses. Pare back to the essentials and rediscover the simplicity and joy of pure connection. It’s simple, but totally life-enhancing. 

What to Expect

The relationship between an owner and horse is private and personal - therefore these are 1:1 sessions except in circumstances where the owner requires extra support. They will be approximately 2 hours each.


The sessions are also held where the horse lives - this is important as the horse will gain more from associating his home with the change in energy and growth in connection rather than having been taken away to a clinic, for example.

The program is tailored to you and your horse, so each one will be different, but generally it will include at least one Reiki energy clearing and healing treatment each for you and your horse. 

You will discover how to connect with your horse on an energetic level, gain their trust and build a greater bond with him or her, also getting used to handling and communicating with them as much as possible with the energy of intention and movement. 

During our time together all aspects of your and your horse's life will be looked at from a holistic point of view.  We will also cover your horses diet, management and lifestyle, anatomy and physiology, body language and facial expressions.

You will receive an informative booklet so that you can review what we have covered in each session and read further if you'd like to.

Learning about energy and how it affects you and your horse will have a positive,
knock-on effect on your whole life as you become more aware and grounded.

For further details please contact me.


The cost of the program is £295 - this is just £59 per 2 hour+ session, which also covers email and phone support during the program and the program booklet.
A deposit of £100 is required on booking.

Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more - this program is for EVERYONE & EVERYHORSE!

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