Reiki is a non-invasive therapy which horses respond to well. Reiki helps to clear blockages and negative energy, rebalance, reassure and give comfort - physically, emotionally and spiritually - and it can have impressive results. There are many physical and behavioural problems that have been helped with Reiki - for more information about Reiki and what it can help with please see below.


£40 per session.

£45 per session.


£70 for half-day session

I work with energy, intuition and a strong sense of oneness with nature to provide profound and deep healing. I am a huge advocate for the gentle but powerful healing that Reiki provides but very much have my feet very much on the ground and am a practical as well as empathetic therapist.


There are so many things that Reiki can help your horse with, physically, emotionally and psychologically, and whatever else it does for your horse it will certainly give them an overall feeling of tranquillity and contentment. Horses generally enjoy Reiki, becoming relaxed and even sleepy. It is totally non-threatening to the horse, so even nervous and highly-strung horses tend to accept it happily. 



  • It releases negative emotions and traumas that haven’t been resolved

  • It relieves stress and anxiety, which has a beneficial effect on the physical body

  • It can aid healing of many ailments, diseases and injuries

  • It clears the body of toxins

  • It restores the body's natural self-healing ability

  • It can accelerate healing and help post-operative recovery (can also help to keep a horse on box rest calm and contented)

  • It promotes deep relaxation and feeling of calm

  • It can aid absorption and healing after a remedial treatment (such as chiropractic or physiotherapy) 

  • It can help with bereavement and loss

  • It can help at times of difficulty and change, e.g. moving yards/owners, losing friends

  • It can also help with the human and horse relationship​​

  • It releases emotions and worries that cannot be voiced


Reiki is an energy healing therapy which originated in Japan. The word itself loosely translated means Life (Rei) Energy (Ki) and is it is this energy that is channelled from the practitioners hands to the client during a treatment. It is often called universal life energy as it is what every living being is made of.​ For more about the science behind Reiki and energy please click here.

Healing with energy is the most ancient form of medicine - it is something that our ancestors used long ago, when we were more in tune with the earth and our environment, as animals still are. It was rediscovered in the last century and is gaining popularity in the modern world as although it is gentle it is also powerfully beneficial.​ Reiki is a completely natural, safe and gentle therapy. It is not invasive - it does not necessarily require touch, and if touch is used it is a light contact. ​

Reiki is a very calming and peaceful treatment that has the added advantage of powerful healing of the energy system, which in turn helps the body, mind and spirit to heal themselves. It is suitable for horses at all stages of life.  Reiki has no contraindications except for use with very recently broken bones (and this is purely so that they do not heal too quickly).


It is also a holistic therapy, meaning that it treats body, mind and spirit so that they are all working together harmoniously, through opening blocked chakras and energy paths enabling the energy to flow smoothly. This enables the system to work in harmony and stimulates the immune system, providing a foundation for well-being on every level. Emotional and psychological blockages can be cleared, which in turn help the physical body to function properly and aid healing. Reiki is also an 'intelligent energy' which will go to the area that it is needed most.

Horses are very comfortable with Reiki - it is very calming for them and they tend not to resist the energy but are very open to it and accept it gratefully, often moving their bodies to where they feel they need the healing energy most. This means horses are very rewarding to treat and the benefits are often very noticeable. As touch is not necessary, and healing can even be carried out from a distance away from the animal, this suits horses who have had their trust in humans broken or who are particularly sensitive or touch-shy.


A course of three or more sessions is generally advised to really get to the root of any issues and provide a true foundation for healing. However, this is not set in stone and one session will certainly be beneficial.​

Incorporated into the first treatment session I use an analysis of your horse's physical and psychological wellbeing, his or her lifestyle, activities, nutrition and any other factors that you believe are important, so that your horses life can be looked at from a holistic point of view. 

You can also book a half day consultation and Reiki treatment each for you and your horse. This can be hugely beneficial for the horse-human relationship. 

See more FAQs here.


I also treat horses with a combined therapy of massage with Reiki. Using Reiki whilst massaging means that I can give healing to an area as well as using massage strokes and deep fibre friction to relieve the muscle spasms. This means that energy blocks can be cleared at the same time and it also helps with communication, so the horse is getting a really deep, thorough and enhanced treatment which is helping his mind, body and spirit.

For further details about any of the above or just to chat about how I could help your horse please do get in touch.

A small travel fee may apply, depending on distance.
Please note that Reiki is a complementary therapy and not intended to replace veterinary treatment or advice.
If your horse is currently under veterinary care permission will need to be obtained prior to a Reiki treatment in order to comply with the Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1966 (this is usually via a phone call to your vet).