Reiki Master Healer
Advanced Equine Reiki
Equine Merishia Massage (combination of Sports and Swedish Massage techniques and Stress Point Therapy)
Balens Ltd
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I have a huge passion for the wellbeing of animals and am very happy to be able to provide therapies that help them in a holistic way. I specialise in horses and offer both massage and energy healing to them (either
separately or together) and consult with the whole horse in mind. I have a strong interest in behaviour, lifestyle and nutrition and very much have my feet on the ground - my treatment sessions have a good balance of practical therapy combined with empathy and intuition.

My aim when treating is for the horse to be holistically balanced in their life: this means healthy and happy in mind, body and spirit. I have clients whose horses have regular treatments to clear and rebalance them and keep them supple and comfortable, as well as those who have a specific issue that needs to be resolved.

CPD 2020


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